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Shorter comics and Art
This stuff is one page long.
Ocean Acidification
Climate change's equally mean cousin.
Read Ocean Acidification.
Oh Snap
A very silly thing about Snapping Turtles.
Read Oh Snap.
Newt Date
I uset to think that bird courtship was the funniest, until I learned about salamanders.
Read Newt Date.
A comic about photosynthesis, coloured by Stephanie Yue.
Read Photosynthesis.
Birds are Gross
A comic about vultures.
Read Birds are Gross.
Interrupted Fern
Botany jokes.
Read Interrupted Fern.
Parts of the Bird
A highly unscientific educational chart.
Read Parts of the Bird.
Threat Displays of Non-Threatening Animals
They really think they are terrifying.
Read Threat Displays of Non-Threatening Animals.
Evolution Sucks
A comic about terror birds, a group of ancient carnivorous birds.
Read Evolution Sucks.
Mockingbird Problem
I had problems with this bird.
Read Mockingbird Problem.
Ruffed Grouse Love
Bird courtship is hilarious.
Read Ruffed Grouse Love.
A one-page comic about the small town of Tadoussac, Quebec.
Read Tadoussac.
Vulture Day
Vultures are fun to draw.
Read Vulture Day.
Wild Toronto
A series of strips on that feature urban wildlife.
Read Wild Toronto.

Longer Comics
These comics are several pages long.
Mid-Cambrian Morning
A story about 505-million-year-old animals, with too many palaeontology in-jokes.
Read Mid-Cambrian Morning.
Bird and Moon
A lonely bird meets the moon.
Read Bird and Moon.
Bird Dreams
A short story that follows after Bird and Moon.
Read Bird Dreams.
An alphabet of ancient animals. Colouring by Miguel Sternberg.
Read the Palaeobet.
Buy the Palaeobet.
A comic about climate change anxiety.
Read Warmer.

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