Guest Stories

The new and improved submissions guidelines:

Send your best stab at a 55 word story. Make it vivid. Make it a story with all that story goodness (character, setting, beginning-middle-end, etc.). Make it excellent and have fun with it.

Do not send poetry. Do not send it if it is not your best. Do not send more than four stories at one time, and include all submissions within one email. Do not send corrections or revisions--we will read the first version only. Please wait for a response before submitting more work. If you've already contributed a story (thank you!) please wait one month before submitting again.

If you'd like to include your original artwork (drawing or photo), make sure it is smaller than 300 pixels. We do not at this time accept artwork without a written submission, though this may change in the future.

Regarding payment: Many a goodly writer has asked whether we pay. We wish we could. You deserve it. Until we can figure out a way to do so while keeping 55 Words free and unencumbered by advertisements, you shall be showered with candy and praises, and if you have a website we are more than happy (nay, exuberant), to link to your website in the by-line. If you don't have a website and would like us to link to an email, we can do that too. Just say so in your email. Some of our contributors have gotten good exposure that way.

Finally, make sure your story is exactly 55 words, no more, no less!

Ready? Email submissions here along with any link you'd like attached to your name.

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